Commercial Services

Since our beginnings as a topsoil screening and landscape supply company in Midlothian Virginia, Virginia‚Äôs Resources Recycled, LLC (V.R.R.) has grown to become a known soils supplier, land clearing, logging, and site grinding contractor in Central Virginia. We have imported and exported soils, cleared, grubbed, and grinded for roadways and site development projects across the area. We are a Class ‘A’ licensed contractor and we strive to provide top quality service and materials that are produced locally from Virginia’s natural resources.

What we do: LoggingLand Clearing and Grubbing,
and On-Site Tub Grinding.

Our personnel

The majority of our managing personnel have worked their way up through the ranks or been in business for themselves. They have years of experience and knowledge that can only be gained by actually doing the work. Our equipment operators are skilled and everyone knows what works best, and can quickly and efficiently perform their tasks.

Our Equipment

In addition to our highly experienced staff, we have a fleet of nearly new specialized equipment set up specifically for land clearing and site grinding. This equipment includes two mobile tub grinders, featured here.

OUR Reputation

V.R.R has earned a reputation for taking on and successfully completing difficult projects that others would not consider. The combination of our knowledge and experience with our specialized equipment allows us to say, with confidence; we can complete your project, anywhere in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.